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The Bioenergy Association of Finland – Natural energy from Finland

The Bioenergy Association represents the interests of the bioenergy sector in Finland

  • The association has over 300 member organisations
  • It represents the entire bioenergy sector from land ownership to forest and energy companies, and technology and research in the field
  • The association aims to promote the preconditions of the production, use, competitiveness and economy of bioenergy and peat.
  • It fosters expertise and know-how in the sector and co-operation between its members, and improves the general operating preconditions of the industry
  • The Bioenergy Association of Finland promotes the use of renewable and domestic energy to create new jobs in Finland, to support sustainable development, and to promote the well-being of people and the environment for future generations through the use of bioenergy
  • Through its operations, the association aims to increase the share of renewable and domestic energy to half of the entire energy consumption of Finland
  • Our member companies produce 80 per cent of all renewable energy in Finland and employ over 20,000 people either directly or indirectly
  • Total net sales of its member companies amount to almost three billion euros
  • The association supervises the interests of its members and represents them when dealing with the key decision-makers of the sector

Summary of main services 

  • Interest representation of the bioenergy sector in Finland and the EU
  • Media relations and conveying messages from members to the media 
  • Informing members of the energy policy and legislation
  • Industry reports
  • Studies and research in the field
  • Seminars in the field
  • Meetings between decision-makers 
  • Bioenergia magazine
  • Newsletter to stakeholders
  • Newsletter to members
  • News bulletin on the bioenergy sector