Sustainable energy from side streams

The Bioenergy Association of Finland

The Bioenergy Association represents the interests of the bioenergy sector in Finland

  • The association has over 240 member organisations
  • It represents the entire bioenergy sector from land ownership to forest and energy companies, as well as technology and research in the field
  • The association aims to promote the preconditions of the production, use, competitiveness and economy of bioenergy and peat
  • It fosters expertise and know-how in the sector and co-operation between its members, and improves the general operating preconditions of the industry
  • The Bioenergy Association of Finland promotes the use of renewable and domestic energy to create new jobs in Finland, to support sustainable development, and to provide for an orderly and just transition towards the carbon negative future.
  • The association aims to increase the share of renewable and domestic energy when Finland targets quitting the energy use of coal by 2029 and achieving climate neutrality by 2035. The use of energy peat in Finland is decreasing while the material use of peat is increasing. The use of sustainable bioenergy is increasing.
  • The Bioenergy Association of Finland is a member of Bioenergy EuropeWorld Bioenergy Association, and International Peatland Society .

Summary of main services

  • Interest representation of the bioenergy sector in Finland and the EU
  • Media relations and conveying messages from members to the media
  • Informing members of the energy policy and legislation
  • Industry reports
  • Studies and research in the field
  • Seminars in the field
  • Bioenergia magazine
  • Newsletter to stakeholders
  • Newsletter to members


The Bioenergy Association of Finland
Eteläranta 10
00130 Helsinki
email: firstname.lastname(a)

Transparency register number: 174042620514-51

Harri Laurikka
Managing Director
tel. +358 40 1630 465

Tage Fredriksson
Branch Manager
large scale wood energy, biofuels, bioliquids and biogas, Bioenergia magazine
tel. +358 40 511 2246

Hannu Salo
Branch Manager
peat, growing media
tel. +358 40 502 2542

Hannes Tuohiniitty
Branch Manager
EU affairs, pellet energy and small scale wood energy, energy entrepreneurship, biochar
tel. +358 40 194 8628

Erika Laajalahti
Specialist, Carbon removal
tel. +358 44 753 0700

Iida Hollmén
Communication Specialist
Bioenergia magazine
tel. +358 44 489 0417

Niina Välinen
Project Coordinator, biochar
tel. +35844 7773621

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